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Changes to the working environment can make measurable differences to the success and smooth running of your organisation.

Applying Feng Shui to Business

Entrepreneurs, companies and organisations of all sizes have all used feng shui to gain a competitive advantage. They include:

Donald Trump - Richard Branson / Virgin - Anita Roddick / Body Shop - Orange - Proctor and Gamble - IBM - Hyatt Hotels - Office Angels Disney - CNN - ReMax Real Estate - BUPA - Chase Manhattan - Citibank - Barclays Premier - Paine Webber - Kraft Foods - Salomon Smith Barney - HSBC - British Airways - Kellogs

Feng shui addresses the close interaction between people and places and the constant effects that our surroundings have on you, your staff and your clients. Using tried and tested concepts and applications you can:

How does it work? Here are some examples:

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Types of feng shui consultation for business

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