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Types of Feng Shui Consultations for Business

Consultations are available for all businesses, from sole traders to large corporations. We also provide specialist consultations on healthy workplaces, staff harmony and building design:

Corporate feng shui consultations

These will be tailored to your needs, which could include a wide range of issues, such as business performance, staff morale, bad debt, company profile, new ventures. Recommendations may concern issues such as layout, artwork, signage, desking, colour, health factors (geopathic stress, lighting, air quality, EMFs, use of plants).

Small business feng shui consultations

As above but considers the specific needs of small enterprises, such as cash flow or publicity. These consultations are often more personal, considering your business as a whole and in particular your own relationship with your business.

Staff harmony consultations

Included in the above or can be taken as a separate consultation. These consultations focus on issues in the working environment which may be increasing in-fighting, tension, low staff morale or absenteeism. Aspects that may be advised on include seating arrangements, desking, chairs, lighting, colour psychology, symbolic artwork and imagery, and health hazards (may increase irritability), as well as nine star ki astrology of key members of staff.

Healthy workplaces consultations

This is included in the above options but can be taken as separate consultation. These consultations are desgned to reduce employee illness, absenteeism and tension, and to increase staff well-being in order to promote productivity and job satisfaction. Main points of consideration are likely to be lighting, colour, air quality, electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.

Construction and architectual feng shui consultations

Specialist service for architects and property developers on incorporating feng shui into building design.

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