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Feng shui is about life; it's about making your everyday surroundings support you in your life - your health, relationships, ambitions etc. Therefore all our services will be based on your own personal requests and priorities for yourself, your partner and/or your family.

What you get from a home feng shui consultation

A feng shui consultation will generally last 4-6 hours. Prior to your consultation we will ask for some details of your priorities in life and what you wish to achieve from the consultation. At the start of the consultation we will discuss these with you.

We will then assess various aspects of your home (see About Feng Shui) and recommend solutions where appropriate. We will dowse for any geopathic stress and treat it if present. At the end of of the consultation we will discuss with you our findings and recommendations.

You will receive:

Please note:

We try to suggest only easily affordable and easily applied solutions.
Our consultations are confidential - no information will be passed on without your consent.
All our services are in accordance with the Code of Practice of the Feng Shui Society.

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Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Newcastle, Northumberland, Scottish Borders

Types of feng shui consultations available

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