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Types and Prices of Feng Shui Consultations for Private Homes, Offices, Shops and Selling Properties

We offer a range of feng shui services for businesses, office, shops, selling properties and private homes, so that you can choose the feng shui consultation most suited to your needs.

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Life Consultations - £310 or £250 without a written report

These are complete consultations which focus on the specific needs and requests of yourself and any partners or family. These needs could be anything from sleeping better to seeking a new job or promotion, from wanting more energy to wanting to relax or have more time for yourself. Maybe you would like to improve your relationship with your partner, your family, friends or colleagues. Perhaps you're looking to calm your hyperactive children (or energise lethargic ones). Or maybe you simply wish to make a fresh start in life.

Whatever you wish to improve in your life, having the right things around you will help you achieve these aims.

Life consultations will include a full healthy home survey (see Healthy Home Consultations)AND space clearing work as required. They generally last 5-6 hours.

Healthy Home Consultations - £150

These are included in Life Consultations but can also be taken on their own. A healthy home consultation will look at anything in your home which may affecting your health or your family's health.

These may include issues such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic and microwave fields, chemical pollution, air quality and narrow-spectrum lighting. Geopathic stress will be detected and treated. EMFs and microwave levels will be measured in key places such as around beds, desks and sofas. Appropriate solutions will be recommended for any problems detected.

For more information see Healthy Buildings

Property Selling Consultations - £200 - £250 depending on size of property

Selling properties with feng shui is easy. The essential feng shui remedies focus on making your house attractive to buyers, and in particular on subtle ways to make them want to buy your house and pay more for it. However we also focus on any needs you might have, such as creating an environment that will support you emotionally as you prepare to leave your current home and move on to your new one. The feng shui consultation includes a space clearing ceremony (if desired) and detection and treatment of any geopathic stress.

Feng Shui for Business - price on application

Many businesses are turning to feng shui, as managers recognise the need to transform the workplaces in order to be able to cope with and adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing world. Millions of pounds are invested annually in corporate feng shui to help build a solid foundation for stability, effectiveness and prosperity in business. The list of successful organisations using feng shui includes British Airways, BUPA, B&Q, Orange, The Royal Bank Canada, Hyatt Hotels, Kinnarps and well-known restaurants, estate agents and many others.
Benefits of using feng shui for business
© an optimum, comfortable and stress free working environment
© a balanced coordinated environment for efficient and stable growth
© greater job satisfaction
© reduced workload, absenteeism and staff retention
© a productive environment to increase output and profits
© encouraged inspiration, motivation and innovation

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