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All consultations now include surveys of electromagnetic radiation.

Welcome to the Scottish Feng Shui Centre

Tanya Fox (Feng Shui Consultant, MA (cantab), FSSA) welcomes you to the Scottish Feng Shui Centre in Edinburgh. Further info about Tanya

Over the years feng shui has helped people to

  • improve health
  • improve cash flow
  • start new business
  • improve relationships
  • change career
  • make a fresh start in life
  • increase sales
  • sell properties quickly
  • attract new clients and make business more successful
  • improve sleep
  • attract a new partner / love
  • clear electromagnetic radiaton
  • clear Geopathic Stress
  • make home lucky

All these things can be (and have been) achieved by making simple feng shui changes to every day working and living environments. More about how feng shui can help you

Our Feng Shui Approach

We combine traditional feng shui with an intuitive, practical and empowering approach, clarifying feng shui concepts and techniques and seeking affordable solutions. We emphasise the importance of healthy living & working environments.

Our Feng Shui Services

In addition to detailed feng shui surveys for homes and business we also provide solutions to modern health dangers such as electromagnetic radiation, electro-magnetic & microwave fields, geopathic stress and chemical pollution; we provide professional 'space clearing' services to refresh and personalise your home or office, specialised home selling and building design consultations designed to meet the challenges of the current housing market, and detailed 9 star ki astrology / feng shui astrology readings (particularly insightful if you are experiencing relationship difficulties or are contemplating making major changes in your life or business).

The Scottish Feng Shui Centre also offers feng shui classes, feng shui seminars and feng shui courses in Edinburgh and the area. Read more about our feng shui courses.

Our Feng Shui Practice Covers

Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Newcastle, Northumberland, Scottish Borders

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