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Tanya Fox is available for feng shui seminars and speaking engagements. Topics can be chosen by you and may range from broad overviews of feng shui to specific issues. Here are some of our feng shui bestsellers:

Creating healthy homes with feng shui
  • Identifying domestic health hazards
  • Spotting the symptoms
  • Creating a healthy home
  • Sleeping in a safe place
  • Best solutions for geopathic stress & EMFs
  • Maintaining a healthy home
Creating healthy workplaces with feng shui
  • Defining an unhealthy workplace
  • Examining Sick Building Syndrome: causes and effects
  • Staff welfare and productivity: the cost of unhealthy workplaces
  • Identifying affordable and practical solutions
  • Maintaining healthy working environments
Dealing with clutter: overcoming the physical, mental & emotional challenges
  • Clutter: why everyone's talking about it
  • What counts as clutter?
  • How does clutter really affect us?
  • When do you need to declutter?
  • Dealing with sentimental clutter
  • Dealing with valuable clutter
  • Maintaining a clutter-free lifestyle
Nine star ki astrology: insight into human emotion and interaction
  • How nine star-ki astrology works
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • How to improve relationships with your
  • partner, children, parents, friends or boss using nine star ki
  • Timing big decisions and changes
  • Identifying and choosing best directions for you
Exploring artwork, ornaments & their symbolism
  • The power of images
  • How do the images around us affect us?
  • Identifying supportive and unsupportive images for you
  • Symbolism, predecessor chi, colour
  • Assessing predecessor chi in images
  • Other Feng shui factors to consider
  • Making pictures work for you
Designing buildings with feng shui
  • Building shape and its effects on people
  • Examining the current market
  • Identifying optimal building designs for maximum returns
  • Practical tips for designing 'feng shui'd' buildings
  • Staying ahead of the game

Tanya also holds interactive feng shui workshops in Edinburgh.

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